An Educational Video Production for Pediatric Physical Therapy with Kinactive Kids Southlake

If you have kids, especially pediatrics, how concerned were you for developing your little one’s gross motor skills by yourself? Taking that a step further, how much extra time in your day do you have to take your little one to physical therapy?

The Ask? An Educational Video Production That Would Grow a Brand

Insert KinActive Kids. This educational video production was designed to help parents on the go work on the skills and disciplines implemented in physical therapy sessions, now, in the palm of their hand at a pace they choose. So, was it worth it? To put it simply… yes. KinActive Kids has now 10x’d their initial investment, we don’t know about you, but that sounds like something we’d want to tap into.

Services Rendered

  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Production
  • Distribution
Phoenix Video Production | Crew on commercial video set

Now Let’s Get To It…

All in all we have produced about 16 in total videos for Kinactive Kids, with more on the horizon. Check out some snippets of our favorites below.

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