For Trifecta, Our Video Testimonial Service Was The Perfect Portion

Trifecta is an organic meal delivery service that operates in three distinct ways. You pick the meal plan, Trifecta does the coaching, and you can track your progress through their app. So how did our video testimonial service help? For one, we went back to the drawing board of authentic storytelling with a modern mind set for omni-channel digital marketing strategy.

Hitting the Trifecta…

So where do you start? At the end of the day our video marketing strategy led to finished pieces that would be used for long form youtube video content, and spliced out keyword focused social video content to support Trifecta Nutritions organic SEO efforts.

Services Rendered

  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post-Production
Video Testimonial Service | Kettle Bells in Gym

Video Testimonials That Engage…

We wanted to incorporate real-life stories from Trifecta Nutritions brand ambassador program, but we knew that a regular chalk and talk testimonial was not something their audience at large would engage with. Trifecta is all about convenience, but what it’s really about, is an aspiration to be the best of one’s self- seeing and feeling yourself in a positive light, and nutrition is the key.

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