A New Start Up In Need Of Really Engaging Explainer Videos That Fit the Brand

BRP, also known as Bombardier Recreational Products. For those who have no idea who that is… think of Sea-doo, Can-am, Rotax, and Ski-Doo to name a few.

So, what business does a global brand headquartered out of Montreal, Canada like BRP have mingling with some Texas folk? A new venture into a grander family that is Uncharted Society, which as a collective, pushes the narrative of curated adventure experiences into the ether.

The Ask? Engaging Explainer Videos

Subsequent to Uncharted Society, Uncharted Playgrounds serves as an end-to-end booking platform for off-road parks backfilled by marketing expertise to drive riders to a curated collection of “Playgrounds”. As a brand-new start up built very similar to Airbnb there were two main challenges- 1. Onboard off-road parks to house the riders 2. Raise awareness and market to riders that want an alternative solution to discovering new land to ride and paying to get on that land. For the purposes of this scope of work, our first challenge to tackle was the land owner.

Services Rendered

  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
Side by side on a video production set

To Be Continued…

Finally, we ended up with three total explainer videos that would be distributed through email marketing campaigns, youtube pre-rolls and social media. The result? In the 3 months since launching (February 2022) we have had a 25% increase in platform signups compared to regular sales team correspondence without these videos. Which, candidly, gives us serious stoke! Our production is complete and we are now into an acceleration phase which is bringing about new explainer videos that will live as a direct response hero video on how it works for the rider.

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