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Content Creation Services

How Brands Elevate Their Content Creation

Access a team of multi-disciplinary and multi-talented content creation experts.

Whether you need an ebook for lead gen, a commercial video production campaign to seperate yourself from the crowd, recurring social media content to engage with your audience, or an info-graphic to raise brand awareness, we’ve taken the guesswork out of content creation and have optimized our production process to efficiently create high-quality content that moves your audience from point A to point B.

  • Script to Screen Video Production
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Content
  • Motion Graphics & Animation

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Create, Create, Create

Content creation at scale can be a logistical nightmare with massive bottlenecks and repeated revisions. Our content creation services resolve that pain through effective discovery that gets to your core, and renders top talent to create on a consistent basis.

Additional Content Creation Services

Helping you build an acquisition channel that never sleeps.


Annual Reports

Leverage the story of you and your achievements with beautifully designed annual reports that keep peoples attention.


Data Visualization

Elevate your data trends and stories designed for comprehension, retention, and recall.


White Papers

Enlist the power of research into your business that looks as good as it communicates. Featuring beautiful design, copy, and easy-to-digest data to make the biggest impact.


Presentation Design

Slides are meant to grab, engage, and inform. Own your next presentation with thoughtfully crafted design that delivers your message with maximum impact.


Who Are Content Creation Services For?

Marketing Teams

Who are developing new initiatives and campaigns.


Who need a consistent voice across business pillars.

Brand Aggregators

Who have a portfolio of brands and need a succinct voice to support the holding company.

Case studies

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of videos should I produce to increase awareness?

There are three key ways to increase awareness with producing social media videos, they are educational or informative videos, entertainment videos or a mix of both. By utilizing these tactics you can create a spokesperson video, demonstration video, value prop video or explainer video to get started.

2. Can we review and give feedback on the content creation during the production process?

Of course! Our main goal is to ensure that every creative partner of ours is satisfied with the end result. If you’re not 100% satisfied at any point during the production process we encourage you to voice any questions, comments, or concerns.

3. What platforms are best to create content for?

In the world of social media content creation there is no one size fits all solution for a best platform to create content for, but best practice tells us to create marketing campaigns that are generalist in nature and then cut them to be multi-purposed across social networks.

4. How many videos do I need to make for a successful social marketing campaign?

There is never a magic number on how many video assets that need to be made to create an effective social media video marketing campaign. Instead, the area of focus solely relies on creating an impactful message within a singular conceptual message(s), creating a variety of hooks to grab attention that leads into the core message followed by a CTA to get your audience from point a to point b.

5. Does Lucid Media work with outside agencies?

Yes we do! We have our own suite of creative capabilities but love collaborating and bringing quality video content to life with others!

6. What are brand strategy services?

Brand strategy services or brand development services is a comprehensive plan that helps companies position themselves for long term and short term success through a variety of tactics such as brand identity, brand guidelines, visual identity, and brand messaging.


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