The Commercial Video Production Team

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We believe that a person’s world can be shifted for the better through carefully curated messaging and visuals.

We exist to provide a passionate approach to strategically build video marketing and advertising campaigns that drive business results

Our wholistic approach to commercial video production

Today more than ever, audiences are consuming video more than any other medium. That being said, middle market businesses are on the lookout on how to utilize this tool often referred to as video marketing to help build an audience, engage with them, and convert them into leads/ sales. That’s where we come in- with a full staff of creative business professionals that not only understand the art of communication, but the art form of visuals and cinematography is a recipe for success.

As they say, team work, makes the dream work.

With a collective 10 plus years throughout multiple facets of the commercial video production industry, we’ve grown to understand a few things like efficiency, work ethic, promptness, and the art of engagement. How does this translate to your video marketing campaigns? If you can draw an emotion out of a viewer, solve a problem, and backfill it with logic, people buy in.

Sean Whitmore

Executive Producer

Aly Whitmore


David Wells

President | Operations & Creative

Kelsey Pribilski

Senior Producer

Kevin Fleming

VFX Supervisor/ Senior Video Editor

Greyson Calem

Video Marketing Strategist

Joscelyne Ponder

Art Director | Set Designer

The things we value at Lucid


Think outside the box


Hold the art of service at the forefront of everything you do


Measure twice, cut once


Stand on your own two feet


Be open to opportunities, no matter the size


Create magic, with a touch of weirdness


Build a positive family spirit


Focus on the solution, not the problem


Practice humility, everyday


Embrace and drive change

Some of the work we are proud of

We love pushing limits of commercial video production and are always sharpening our skills- here’s a few projects we are most stoked on.