ActivePure: How Our Corporate Video Production Services Helped Drive Awareness

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the words air purification? If you’re like the rest of society you likely think of air being filtered, then to be released back into the air. Not for ActivePure, this technology, originally founded with roots in the NASA space program is different, and has the science to back it up. So what does ActivePure do? For starters, instead of air being passed through the filter then back into the air ActivePure works with a different approach, an approach that uses the law of gases to emit particles that seek out airborne pathogens and render them as harmless by products.

Corporate Video Production 101: Tell a compelling story

Diving deeper into our corporate video production scope of work, we first wanted to bring to life a story. At the end of the day we believe that storytelling is our greatest asset in aligning with an audience. For the purposes of this scope of work, we had two stories to tell. One with “The Boch Center” and the second with Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprises. Both organizations were hit incredibly hard by the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic and needed a solution to aid in reopening these spaces.

Services Rendered

  • Video Marketing Strategy
  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production
Corporate Video Production

Crafted Testimonial Storytelling

At the end of the day our corporate video production services shined light on how ActivePure Technology was able to help these organizations reopen during a very uncertain time. That being said how does this translate into a solidified marketing play? ActivePure has a large footprint on LinkedIn with a strong B2B approach. These testimonials served as great assets into email marketing campaigns, social vignettes, website case studies, and ultimately helped their sales team spread awareness.

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