Content Marketing For SaaS & Tech Companies

Your job? Creating and iterating innovative digital products. Our job? Look at your product
in every imaginable way and tell a continuious story that simply, sells.

Done-For-You Content Marketing

Content marketing for SaaS & Tech Companies doesn’t have to feel like a logistical nightmare.

Lucid Media is how SaaS & Tech Companies produce video and content at scale— and still have time to focus on the big picture. Here’s how.


We learn your product as if it were our own.


We create intentional content marketing for SaaS & Tech companies that webcrawlers love


We distribute and optimize to build an online aqcuisition system that never sleeps.

I’ve been working with Lucid Media for a couple of months now on many projects and I would highly recommend them. Lucid Media is a very professional and highly skilled team. From the strategy, to the shoot to the delivery, to the distribution, the process was a breeze and they were able to deliver on our tight timeline.

Gabriella Han | BRP

I have worked with Lucid Media on various projects since 2018. The output of work is of the highest caliber, and the team is thoughtful as they work with clients to set strategic directions for projects, clearly communicating expectations and goals upfront. If you need a storyteller who understands the technical pieces of content and the magic needed for the finished product, give them a call.

Heather Wilson | CMP

These guys craft amazing content, delivered with thorough project management and inspiring creative expertise. Highly recommended!

Vincent Malo | Sea-Doo

Hassle-Free Content Production

Top Talent At Your Finger Tips

Time is our most valuable resource and is optimized by the people you surround yourself with.

Totally Managed For You

Stop burning holes in your bank account. We make it easy to implement our content creation and management systems.

Scale Without Headcount

Stop wasting time on waiting on headcount. We’re ready to help you hit your growth goals since like, yesterday.

Custom Made For Your Brand

We create custom content that’s tailored to your brand voice, and business plan. You can consider us your personal media company.

Let’s Do This!

Our Content marketing for SaaS & Tech Companies service is ready to level up your online aquisition game. If you’re ready, we’re ready!

Case Studies

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1. What is Content Marketing for SaaS & Tech Companies?

Content marketing for SaaS & Tech Companies is a strategic marketing approach that involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a specific target audience. It focuses on providing useful information, entertainment, or educational content that aligns with the interests and needs of the audience rather than directly promoting a brand or its products.

2. How much does content marketing cost?

The cost of content marketing can really vary depending on a bunch of things like having your own (In-house) team, hiring freelancers, or an agency. It also depends on how fancy or complex your content is, how you promote it, and the tools you use. We’ve found that the best approach is a consistent one that starts on the smaller scale and increases over time as you see results.

3. How does content marketing benefit SaaS companies?

In short, content marketing benefits SaaS companies by increasing brand visibility, generating leads, engaging customers, establishing expertise, improving SEO, and being a cost-effective strategy.

4. How Does My Business Get Started with Lucid Media?

Easy! Simply fill out the form or give us a call! We’d be happy to chat through your current strategy and see how we may be able to help out!

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