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3 easy ways on how to make a promo video

– Promo videos are great for gaining awareness and usually sit at the top of the marketing funnel. These pieces create a certain emotion that the audience member resonates with and leads them to act.
-In this lighting breakdown we take a look back at one of our latest shoots. Taking a deep dive with F1 driver Patricio Oward to create a season opening promo video. Here you’ll discover our approach to lighting and the key recipe to create an engaging piece.

1. Lighting your promo video correctly

Moods are curated and shaped around the story, and the visuals that accompany it. When approaching a piece like this we wanted to focus on where Patricio Oward came from, how he got to where he is today, and his ambitious plans in the F1 racing space.

Equipment Used:
– (2) Arri M18’s
– (1) Arri SkyPanel S30
– (1) 20 X 20 Piece of black duvetyne
– 1/2 ton grip truck

Lighting Breakdown | Atlas Orions

2. Camera & lens choice matter

In conjunction with lighting, what you film on also creates a unique look. For this project we had the choice of utilizing anamorphic lenses or spherical. Both of course create a beautiful look but ultimately decided to use anamorphic as we wanted a very moody feel. Our lens of choice and camera of choice?

Equipment Used:
– Atlas ORION
– Sony FX9
– Tilta Matte Box
– .25 Black Pro-mist

Lighting Breakdown | Atlas Orions

3. The Final Product

The final result? A captivating story. Check it out ->

Directed by: Juwann Nelson
Producer: Sean Whitmore
Director of Photography: David Wells
Grip/Gaffer: Keaton Loudamy

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