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Budget Content with Big Impact, Can They Live in Harmony?

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In this edition of Lucid Insights, we’ll discuss ideas of budget content with big impacts and if they can live in harmony, some marketing trends, and much more.

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The Good Word 📚

The World of Search is Changing

While Google is still the dominant powerhouse in search, some noteworthy trends exist. This leads to the question of whether Google will always remain atop.

According to a recent stat by searchenginejournal.com, 40% of people, especially the younger generation, are starting their searches on Instagram and TikTok.

This is why Google has created a more visual search experience and improved the mobile experience.

What is the key takeaway here?

The old adage of “people buy from those they know, like, and trust” remains. The above stat proves it. Creators on the rise encapsulate their audience and become go-to advisors. When their audience or person searching needs something, it’s easy for them to find and create a seamless experience to get their audience the information they’re looking for.

What does this mean for your company’s marketing?

Consider cross-functionally collaborating with influencer video creation or spokespeople that support keyword-specific, ever-green content that places your product or service at the forefront of solving the pain point they are talking about. (Andddddd if you need some help with that, we gotchu 😉… you know, shameless plugs where we can, it be rough out there in 2023.)

Budget Content with Big Impact, Can They Live in Harmony? And Should They?

How to Find the Balance Between Cost & Impact

Every business strives to produce high-quality content while keeping costs under control. However, striking a balance can be challenging.

Let’s analyze high-quality content for a moment. Does this mean all the lights, cinema cameras, and 50-person crews? Or does it mean a well-crafted story that draws an audience member into a story?

Let’s take Dollar Shave Club for example. In an article written by Inc.com, the iconic ad was shot in one day for $4,500. Very scrappy. The day it went live, the site crashed from all of the traffic- but within 48 hours they received 12,000 orders.

What is the key takeaway here?

The article goes on to share how DSC came to be when Michael Dubin helped a friend’s father offload a surplus supply of razors. Pair that with personality and a challenge to the status quo, and you have a cause to rally around. Oh, and makes a sh*t load of money. (To the sale price tune of $1 billion in 2016 to Unilever.)


Content needs a motive, and that motive comes from the business concept and product market fit.

You don’t need to over perfect it, let your personality shine, publish and iterate.

The big Q&A here is, can budget content live in harmony with big impact? Our answer is yes! 

Quote of the week ✍️

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