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Video Marketing: 3 Powerful Ways Sea-Doo Is Using It To Grow

How Sea-Doo is growing with video marketing strategy

What is video marketing and how is Sea-Doo using it to grow their organic audience?

The standard definition according to HubSpot of video marketing is “using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.”

That being said, Sea-Doo is a world wide brand owned by BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products). This brand is crazy fun and is known for adventure on the water, claiming to get consumers to places ordinary boats can’t take you. Being in the PWC (Personal Water Craft) space they are always seeking new and innovative ways to communicate and grow their online audience.

So, how does one do this effectively? Sea-Doo has hit the nail on the head with their video marketing efforts and it shows through with their omni-channel marketing strategy.

After we were approached by Sea-Doo to produce content for the 2022 boating safety week we had a chance to take an in-depth look at the brand of Sea-Doo and draw some conclusions on what they are doing really well on the video marketing side of their business. Stick around and get our thoughts on how they are dominating the video marketing landscape and how you can implement these tactics into your marketing strategy as well.

Leverage user generated video content

There is no better way to get your product or service out their than to have a fan base that creates video content for you. Here are some ways Sea-Doo is leveraging this initiative.

  1. A solidified ambassador program. This program allows content creators, athletes, and even celebrities to gain reach to new audiences.
  2. Social engagement. By engaging with the audience members sharing their experiences in the form of commenting, re-posting, and direct messaging back they create a culture of inclusion.
  3. Incentives. Giveaways, field marketing events and branded hashtags allow end consumers to easily create content with the Sea-Doo brand name in and around that content, thus having the name spread to new audiences.
Women riding a sea-doo on a lake

Follow the hero, hub, and hygiene video marketing framework

Women riding a sea-doo spark on a lake

Video marketing is rather simple and comes down to three key areas.

  1. Hero video content: Large scale, “go big” moments designed to raise broad awareness.
  2. Hub video content: Episodic “push” content that allows viewers to engage and come back repeatedly.
  3. Hygiene video content: Evergreen pieces that are designed to solve a problem, question or curiosity.

So why is Sea-Doo using this method and what are some examples?

This video marketing content structure is a integral part in strategically building and maintaining an audience. The idea behind it is, for example:

  1. The new 2022 Sea-Doo Switch is released and needs to be showcased in an epic way to create buzz around a loyal fan group. (Hero video content)
  2. Once awareness is pushed, Sea-Doo then needs to create use cases for this product, how it works routinely, and that how customers are using it. (Hub video content)
  3. This piece of machinery is going to need to be shown how to use/ operate and will require maintenance over time that will likely be done in part by DIY’ers. (Hygiene video content)

This cyclical cycle of content raises awareness, pushes lifestyle, engages a loyal fan base, and returns them again and again for new products and service.

So why is video marketing so important?

If a global brand is utilizing this strategic approach, they must be onto something. After amassing 50k subscribers on their youtube channel, 440k followers on instagram, and does $30 million in revenue this adventure brand knows how to build and maintain an audience. Here’s why it’s so important.

  1. Video marketing optimizes SEO efforts.
  2. Video marketing is highly engaging for mobile users.
  3. Video marketing is essential for educating and building trust.
  4. Video marketing has a direct link to improved sales.


We had an absolute blast with Sea-Doo creating content for their 2022 boating safety week initiative. Feel free to watch our final product below or check out more from us here. Also, if you are in need of video marketing help we are always one phone call away and would love to help out!

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