Why is a content creation system important?

All brands are publishers in their own right, it’s how we communicate, share ideas, and advertise ourselves. But sometimes we just don’t know how to start or what to even say when marketing ourselves online, Lucid Media included. So, we did some digging and found a great framework that we’ve been using in our client and personal work, and wanted to share it.

What is a content creation system?

Originally coined by Jonah Berger in the book “Contagious, Why Things Catch On”. Jonah examines 6 reasons why things go viral and are destined for shareability. This approach to making a content creation system is a surefire way to enhance your reach, visibility and a great way to position yourself as a thought leader. Let’s take a dive into a summary of the book Contagious, Why Things Catch On.”

Step 1. Social Currencies

People want to be perceived as being cool or smart when they’re sharing our content. Create around the aspect of making your audience feel good and that they’re being invited into something bigger to help leverage referrals.

Do this by knowing who your target market is, what they love, what their challenges are, and how you’re of benefit to them.

Step 2. Triggers

Stay top-of-mind by weaving memorable themes that cause people to think of you via association.

Do this by creating 4 content themes that will serve as the drumbeat of your marketing messaging.

Step 3. Emotions

Try to arouse the emotions of your audience as much as possible. Emotional content frequently goes viral.

o Do this by agitating the problem and providing solutions in the form of before and afters, how-to guides, or checklists.

Step 4. Public

 People love feeling like part of something bigger than themselves. Create content that gives a sense of belonging.

Do this by networking with others online that have bigger audiences. You can do this by connecting on a platform like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. But I would recommend picking two and going all in on it. By engaging in community you can quickly become a go-to leader in your niche.

Step 5. Practical Value

Useful things get shared. Create informative and digestible content that is easy to pass along and helpful to others.

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Do this by brain-dumping, writing, formatting, editing, and sharing. Remember structure is everything and is how people absorb information.

Step 6. Stories

Everyone is a natural-born storyteller. Bring your content to life by including captivating stories people relate to.

Learn to story-tell, by doing so you can leverage and tap into people’s most valuable resource, attention.