Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns Built to Drive Revenue 

Leverage the art of hand crafted storytelling paired with full funnel omni-channel marketing design

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For Brands Ready For Their Go Big Moment

You’ve made it! Your product, service or brand is ready to go for a big omni-channel marketing campaign. That’s where we come in.

We take that complex information and creatively message and position it simplistically for full omni-channel marketing distribution. From top level awareness all the way to social brand extensions, we tactically build, execute and distribute a humanized campaign that is designed to drive business results.

  • Visually and statistically position your product, service or brand as a market leader 
  • Driven by research and data to ensure success
  • Optimized to fulfill an omni-channel marketing approach. From top level awarness to ugc marketing campaigns
  • Streamlined processes drive efficiency with minimal oversight

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We’ve cataloged and analyzed what kind of video marketing is working from awareness to conversion thanks to our internal ad database powered by machine learning to help determine what videos bring the most impact. Check them out down below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Omni-channel marketing for video mean?

Omni-channel marketing is a tactical approach to integrate a seamless messaging experience across multiple devices and touchpoints. This holistic approach helps bring a centric message to the forefront of the video campaign which can be curated into different subsets of videos that can be placed accordingly across different channels with the same branded messaging.

2. How do you measure success in video marketing?

Not all video campaigns are made the same, however, we utilize a multiple metrics to see how campaigns are performing. These include but aren’t limited to Return on investment, Return on adspend, conversion rate, cost per lead, cost per acquisition, website visits, and click-through rates.

3. What key areas do you focus on when building a video campaign?

There are a few key areas of focus when building a video campaign. The first is diving into and understanding why the product, service or brand exsists in the first place. The second is to understand features and benefits. This allows you to understand what your product, service or brand features in a techincal sense and benefits are geared toward how it makes the person who buys it life better. The third area is developing how to create engaging messaging and concepts around the product, service or brand. Lastly, is all execution, putting the plan in motion to develop how the video(s) will be executed and answer the questions of how, what, when and why to carry the project through the finish line into distribution.

4. How many videos does the scaling package yield?

There is no set number, but historically we’ve built out about 10-20 videos per campaign that provide a versitle approach for A|B testing, and generates the most ROI. If consistent video content is a core focus for you and your company check out our Full Service Creative Package

5. How do I know if Omni-channel video marketing is right for our business?

The true answer lies in the details of your business and the products or services you are offering. Typically we look at these omni-channel video campaigns as a 2-4 times a year endeavor. That being said, we have seen the most of these campaigns when a middle market company has a new flagship product release, are rebranding, and/or has a new service starting that needs to generate awareness down to conversion.

6. Where can I publish my videos once it is done?

Depending on your marketing initiatives we typically reccommend uploading to YouTube as it has great SEO benefits and is a great place to start building a content library. That being said we are more than happy to guide you through best practices with upload, optimization and copy or we can do it for ya!


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