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A Strategic Approach To Building Organic Video Content

Our full-service package was designed with marketers in mind. We know that building a team that understands the nuances of generating organic video content strategy geared towards sales-enablement marketing is challenging. We set out to solve this challenge by providing a one-stop partnered solution to help bring organic assets to life on a continuous basis.

  • Brand-aligned organic video built for the long haul
  • Data backed SEO video production
  • Done for you social platform management
  • Talent coordination and management
  • Continually delivered and managed organic content across key channels

We create videos that help you sell and inform

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We’ve cataloged and analyized our top performers for you to see, check them out down below to get a sense of our full service creative package.

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Organic video content creation is a great way to brand build, standarize communication in your business, and showcase it in an engaging way that your audience builds trust in and converts to repeat customer. Take a look at some examples of organic video content we’ve built for middle-market tech and manufacturing companies.

Over 1,000

Campaigns Created

Over 1 Million

In Trackable Click Through Revenue

Over 500,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best approach to building organic video marketing?

The best approach in building out organic video marketing is to 1. Do keyword research 2. Utilize subject matter experts that communicate great messaging that your audience will find valueable, entertaining, or both. 3. Square away the technicalities of video production with great video, audio and lighting.

2. How long does the Full-Service Creative Package take to implement?

To be honest, video marketing is an ongoing investment and not something that can be whipped up overnight. There are strategic steps that are taken to build, execute and distribute accordingly. All in all this package is designed to be an ongoing partnership that lasts for years to come, and we’re here for it!

3. Is video marketing worth the effort?

Video marketing is a tactical approach to a holistic suite of marketing efforts. That being said video marketing is effective approach as it leverages evergreen content that lives in search rankings for future audiences to see and engage with, standardizes messaging, and is an important step to brand building. Additionally, 94% of marketers have found video marketing to be a key element in their marketing strategy according to Spice Works.

4. What if i’m unhappy with the work?

We will revise and revise again until you are 100% satisfied!

5. Can you help with web-design & development?

We do not offer web-design & development services but have very close channel partners we’d be happy to refer you to!

6. What equipment do you use?

Lucid Media is on the cutting edge of ensuring your product, service and business looks clean, modern and something you want to show off! That being said we currently have mulitple cameras from the Sony Cinema line including the same camera hit netflix shows have been shot on. In addition, we house plenty of lighting and grip equipment for any situation we may find ourselves in.


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