Video Marketing Strategy Services Built for The Modern Marketer.

We love making videos that help you sell and inform, but the thing we love most is seeing business results out of those efforts. We believe that building a successful video marketing campaign starts with a comprehensive strategic plan.

Our video marketing strategy services help you build a narrative, develop and execute high quality video marketing campaigns which aids in the development and optimization of your digital marketing efforts across multiple touch points allowing you to see data driven results.

Why a video marketing strategy matters.

86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool – up 41% since 2016.

Aids in the development and clarification of on brand messaging before production.

Aids in the development and clarification of on brand messaging before production.

Aids in a wholistic approach to digital marketing efforts and optimization

Aids in a wholistic approach to digital marketing efforts and optimization

Creates cost efficiencies

Creates cost efficiencies

Our Process

Our video marketing strategy services were designed to help marketers get insight, plan, develop, and execute video marketing campaigns in a fast growing digital centric economy.


Audit & Research

Before starting it’s important to know where your brand stands. First, we start with an audit to identify metrics, identify consumer personas, and see what creative holes we can optimize. Secondly, we research how you fair against your competitors. Thirdly, we develop creative inspiration.


Plan & Develop

Creating a video marketing plan that defines a comprehensive structure of the entire campaign is one of the most important steps as we ensure the narrative and messaging is optimized for the campaign.


Delivery & Recommendation

We have a concise knowledge of the goals, and desired outcomes thus giving us a clear line of sight to success.

Video Marketing Strategy Tactics We Deploy

  • strategy and audit
  • digital marketing strategy
  • persona development
  • keyword research
  • video content strategy
  • creative development
  • campaign development
  • budget building

Some of the work we are proud of

We love pushing limits of commercial video production and are always sharpening our skills- here’s a few projects we are most stoked on.

Clients we’re proud to call friends

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What kind of video is best for a marketing campaign?

There are a lot of different kinds of videos that are used for multiple applications within a video marketing campaign. From direct-response explainers that focus on your product or service to national TV campaigns all the way to branded video content, it can be difficult to navigate. We have seen great success with direct response explainers to raise awareness and simplify understanding, testimonials to create social proof and recommendation, followed by branded content to develop and maintain audience engagement.

What are video marketing services?

Audiences today require more than just a single touch point or static ad to build and maintain communication in marketing efforts. As a cornerstone in any marketing plan, video marketing services include the strategic development, creation, and distribution of high-quality videos.

What makes Lucid Media’s video marketing services different?

Lucid Media’s video marketing services find a unique balance of a big agency feel with a boutique agency relationship. We strike a difference in being able to understand how important growth is to you whether it be by paid media or organic growth and find cost efficiencies to bring high-quality video marketing campaigns to life that can be backed by data.

Why is video marketing challenging?

The biggest challenge in developing and creating a video marketing strategy is the amount of resources it takes to create high quality video content. You may be wondering why this is. Here are a few reasons- 1. Ideation and determining messaging. 2. Production resources, as a film set has multiple roles to fill along with thought process behind art direction, camera department, lighting department and more. 3. Distribution and digital optimization takes time to see a return on investment- but if done properly can pay huge dividends over the long run.

Does Lucid Media work with outside agencies?

Absolutely! We love working with outside agencies. We house a full production staff with creative capabilities but we also love collaboration and bringing epic video content to life.

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